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Our mission

Our mission

Mercado Ventures BV is dedicated to connecting people in emerging markets and add to the existing internet landscape by building portals around business and commerce.

Our primary goal is to generate profit in focussing on people and how technology can make a positive contribution to their daily life. We try to do this by adjusting to new technology and extend our portals to other platforms and devices. All of our platforms will try to keep as close to the local environment as possible in order blend in in the local internet landscape.

Our presence

We currently have presence in 50+ countries with a main focus on the English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and Indonesian speaking countries. We are in the process of extending our portals to cover more markets.

Along with covering more area we are growing in depth in the markets we currently have presence by extending our portals to other area's such as real estate, automotive, employment and services.

Our history

Our history

Our first portals were launched in 2007 and Mercado Ventures BV was formally found in 2014. In 2014 we completely rebuilt our platform adjusting to the latest developments.We are now growing steadily both in size and revenue.

Later in 2015 we extended our platform and launched our first real estate portal. With a presence in more then 15 countries our real estate portals are now reaching foreign markets. Simultaneously we extended our portal to more platforms. After Android and iOS apps we are now in the process of finalizing our Windows 10 app.

For future development we are looking at incorporating new technologies and new diversifications of our portal in the automotive, employment and services realm. Please stay tuned for future development.

Mercado Ventures BV is located in the southern part of The Netherlands in the city of Oss.

Our statistics

Our statistics

Users per month
New ads per month

These indicative statistics give some more insight in our operations. We'll update regularly to update on our growth.

Anyone interested in our operations in more detail, feel free to contact us through our contact page and we'll gladly update with the current numbers our provide additional information.